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:// The Game

File://maniac is a detective game where the main interactions are done in the REAL game directory. Explore the folders, alter the files and try to not lose yourself in this cyber-thriller!

it's time to get to work agent.

:// The Project

File://maniac was born during the Global Game Jam 2019. We had a lot of fun during the development, so we decided to polish here and there, adding extra content as well and publishing it for free. From today you can taste the juice of this adventure, playing its pilot episode!

Our intentions are to develop "File://" as a series of episodes, creating unique settings and puzzles for each of them. This detective thriller will make you dig into the darkest meanders of your PC, losing yourself in a digital sea of nostalgia and wonder.

Thank you for playing this pilot episode, share with us your experience on our Discord!

:// Frustrated team

Giorgio Saffirio
Nicholas Falcone
Fabio Dono
Pierfrancesco Andresini
Eugenio Scaglione
Antonio Benenati
Jami Salati
Stefano Lo Cogliano

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:// Notes

@Everyone, feel free to share any kind of content about the game or hit us with intriguing ideas, that can help us a lot!
Building it together, the next episode of this twisted series is just around the corner.

(If you need any kind of support don't hesitate to write us in our Discord Server.)



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Damn- hella good

Clever game!

Interesting concept but sadly too short. Wording in a few spots could use adjusted (example: "correct second blue wire" should probably read "correct blue wire"). Victims was ambiguous (I renamed the files when I should have renumbered) but easy enough. Could stand with a "reset puzzle" option unless I just missed it.

For anyone stuck in the loop? It says to burn home, not to move out.

Love this game and concept, there should be more games like this

Deleted post

how can i leave at the loop?? so hard

Just delete the home folder.


It's such a clever game. And as short as it is I really enjoyed this concept of the gameplay as it so unique and honestly makes me really happy!! :D

It's a great game, but short the creativity for this game is quite well done, also the puzzles are not that hard nor easy but if you just try and read it carefully again and again you might probably answer the puzzle. The loop was unexpected for me but I manage to overcome it, it's a great game I give you that.

so i was trying to figure out how to end the loop... if there even is a way to.. and i saw the notes said burn down the user/home so with that i deleted all the files is the home... i now see that that was not the solution.. and im still stuck in the loop.


Well-designed game with an interesting idea. I would like to see more connection between files and the game (for example, if I do not copy the second "corpse", but delete the first one it would also disappear from the game). However, the game is still a wonderful piece of art. Good job!


I thought this was an incredibly cool and unique game. The file directory aspect was intuitive and seamless and I'm glad there was a reset button in case I ever messed up. I do wish it was a little longer and had more of a narrative since it felt like it was just scratching the surface of the real story. Awesome job though!

Thank you jdogz! We are doing our best to find the way to expand this concept.


Intriguing concept. Couldn't find how to break out of the loop though.

Watch out for allowing a reset for each step though.

Hey, thanks for playing our game! Please join us on discord for specific advices :)

if ur still playing, delete the home folder.


This game is amazing!! It was so fun to play, I can't wait to see what you guys make next. Curious though, can you actually break the loop? I played through it a couple times trying.

Hi Gecck, yes the loop can definitely be broken!
Join our discord to further discuss how to do it and to tell us any idea you may like to see in a future episode :)


Good idea and concept with an even greater execution :)

Thanks Jay for playing our game =)


Thank you for mentioning this demo to me!! I had so much fun playing it!! I made a review video about it.

Thanks to you for playing our little game! We hope to bring you more this taste to play on your channel :)

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I really love the idea and I think that it is extremely innovative, but I am stuck and I feel like some of the solutions for the game isn't very intuitive. For example the one with the lamp, since it was a .ini file I assumed that you had to maybe flip a boolean in the file or so, that wasn't the case

p.s. I am stuck on 3. level

Hi Nett18, thank you for the feedback! If you are stuck you can write us in our Discord server where we can help you. Hope you will enjoy next levels ;)

Thanks for the reply, might stop by sometime :)

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This completely blew my mind. I've never experienced anything like this. You guys are super clever and I'm hyped for a longer experience in the future!

I featured this on Three Extra Lives, a video game & trivia podcast




Thank you so much! We are really happy that you liked the game, some news are coming soon on our social networks. ;)


Really interesting! I just wish it was longer.

Thank you so much, something new is coming ;) stay tuned!


How do you get out of the loop?

Can you?

Is it the loop the end of the pilot?

also putting the file explorer in or next to the game, and/or attached would be helpful. I was finding myself clicking the task bar a lot, messing with the flow of the game (it could just be me) or if you made it so you could manipulate the window to make it split screen would be great. And making control scheme wasd so you find a pistol and have to solve puzzles by shooting wires or so you can pickup/code in something to throw at a button would be really cool, putting game play and file exploring together. And (lots of ands) if you want to add a car chase scene (which would be cool) put some Easter eggs (it would be cool).

Apart from the how to do your job, i found the game intriguing, constantly making me on edge looking around every corner for the killer or some one with a weapon.I'm exited how the Developers will continue this game. 

I have high hopes.


Hey pr3tzil,

thanks for sharing your experience :)

We are glad you liked it, and we are always curious about feelings and ideas that may come out playing the game! We are looking into ways to let the player feel a more seamless experience with the file manager, and some kind of integration would be useful in various ways.

This project has been created with a 0 budget, but if it get enough traction we may think about a kickstarter and release more complex scenes and puzzles (for example a chase scene you mentioned above ;) ).

Also, please share the game with your friends and spread the love!

Really cool little game.

Graphics are beautiful, atmosphere is suspenseful.

I was initially nervous about the file explorer integration (usually games like this are clunky, and the file editing detracts from the game experience), but you guys managed to weave it into the story really well!

It would be cool if a less linear experience could be created via this mechanic, but that may make the game play a bit too complicated.

Regardless, I hope that this idea gets expanded upon!

Hi ProperEmergency,

thanks for playing the game and sharing your impressions!

We are currently exploring new ways of integrate and expand the mechanic with new elements and a less linear storytelling. If you wish to join the discussion about new features and ideas, we can talk about it on our Discord channel ;)

This is really good game! I didn't know what to expect when I saw this game, but when I get into it.. Oh boy. Very creative use your own folders. Only thing what make me wonder, how the hell did I solve the elevator thing... No idea.

But i'm waiting more!

Hey Shienoful!

Thanks for making and sharing your gameplay video :)

If you still have some doubt about puzzles you can join us on our discord channel to ask for tips, and talk with us about your experience ;)

This is a great game!! It has a very cool concept and it's full of potential.  I got stuck for a while at the elevator puzzle regarding the "position button -2" thingy but besides that it was  an amazing, innovative  little game with some pretty cool art. 

Hey Howcute!

thanks for playing our little game :)
Thanks for the feedback on the elevator puzzle, we are going to release a new version of it very soon!

Also, we are planning a new episode in the near future, spread the love with your friends, and if you have any suggestion share them with us in the form ;)

Amazing work, unfortunately it's too short, when you finish it you really want more. A game system that I never see it, innovative and ingenious. I really hope to see more soon.  

Hey Leone, thanks for the love! We are planning a new long-lasting episode, don't worry ;)

If you could help us telling your friend about File://Maniac, or sharing it on socials, that would help us a lot bringing to life a new episode!


awesome!! short but really nice experience! :D

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you so much! We are thinking about a new episode harder, better, (not faster), stronger. If you have any feature, suggestion please fill the form up there ;)


I love everything about this game. The concept, the execution, the art, the music, the hints at a very interesting story. I instinctively started opening every game file in my text editor to see what else I could find.

file://maniac breaks the fourth wall in a very novel way. I'm looking forward to more!

Thank you so much for your support, we are really looking forward to make a new episode with so much more! 

We will keep you updatad!


To know some friends of mine have made the first version of this game during a game jam makes me think that significant ideas (and significant realisations) can come everywhere and in every moment, even during a sushi dinner. The game is capable to create such a cold and cruel reality, also thanks to the great score, in my opinion. I really hope to see a second episode soon!

Thanks for showing us your support Six99!

And don’t forget to leave your ideas in the “feature request” form ;)


This game blew my mind. It is damn awesome: the music, the art. I even can't figure out how programmers have done the structure. At the moment it is quite short but I really hope in another episode. Keep going!

Hello Valmonik, thank you for the kind words.

We are looking forward to develop more episodes with additional puzzles and a deeper flow, that's why are continually looking for opinions and feedbacks on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/hjKtTzu

Spread the word and help us to bring to the next level the file:// series. Together! 

Born Frustrated Studio

This game is in desperate need of a help button. I spent way to long on the game puzzle, while I FULLY admit that it was my fault, I quickly overthought the puzzle, trying 01 02 ect trying to pick the correct game, then wondering if i am supposed to spell words using numbers and so on. When I finnally figured it out, I facepalmed so hard. 

So I am at the elevator one now....and stuck. The button 2 line is tripping me up, as I can't figure out what it means and I've tried the obvious. Of course, it could be something else like the serial numbers or something, idk.

Having a hint button to give vague hints that get less vague the more you use it would be nice, as long as it is opt-in to respect the people that don't want them.

Hey Shiki, thank you for playing and for your feedback. 

For any difficulty or necessity you can reach us and the game community on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/hjKtTzu

If you have more feedbacks or ideas for create a better experience with file://maniac, please let us know trough the apposite goggle form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/124Vs3nnGgAhllXr1Fa4S00Y7H5hpp7yp5gRuDmD-hTw/edi...

Born Frustrated Studio

Watchout, guys. You pasted the edit URL.

Cheers for such an awesome game!
I think it would be beneficial double-checking the instructions and fool-proofing them. In the Skulls Puzzle, what I tried to do was changing the skulls' names and not the ID number, and with the Elevator Puzzle was kinda confused if I should delete the button or not (I think it was my bad since the "remove" instruction was for the red wire, so bummer) and didn't understand what you meant by serial number, the whole two digits, the first one...? So, either allow more options to solve the same puzzle through different ways or fool-proof the instructions.

Anyways, congratulations, it's such an awesome short game and I hope it serves as a proof of concept for something longer. <3
Gonna recommend to my friends!


the idea for this game is so freakin awesome! it threw me off at first i was like um why does the explorer window keep opening... but once i figured out what was happening i was hooked! i only wish it was longer :) 

"but once i figured out what was happening i was hooked!" - man, the look on your face will have been priceless!

Thank you very much for playing file://maniac. Please join us on our Discord server and help us to craft a better experience in the next episode of the series. https://discord.gg/hjKtTzu

Born Frustrated Studio


Exactly! I wish I would have been recording while playing the game, definitely would have made for a candid moment. 

Thanks for the discord info, I am sure the next episode will be exciting. 


Great work, nice concept and well polished! Lookin forward to the next episode! 

Thank you so much. ;) We will keep you updated! 

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- Idea originalissima, figata assoluta;
- Effetti audio e video sopra le aspettative;
- Divertente mentre giochi, soddisfacente quando passi un livello, frustrante ad ogni loop: proprio come un bel gioco dovrebbe essere.

- Super breve ed enigmi abbastanza semplici;
- Un paio di quelli che, secondo me, potrebbero essere considerati bug.

Consigliatissimo, davvero un gioco ben sviluppato sotto ogni punto di vista.
Mi unisco a chi aspetta con ansia un prossimo episodio.


- Very original idea, so cool;
- Audio and video effects above expectations;
- Fun while you play, satisfying when you pass a level, frustrating with every loop: just like a good game should be.

- Super short and fairly simple puzzles;
- A couple of those that, in my opinion, could be considered bugs.

Highly recommended, really a well developed game from every point of view.
I join those looking forward to an upcoming episode.

Hi Paolo, thanks for playing File://Maniac and taking time to write this review ! :)
If you enjoyed as much as we did making it, please consider sharing it as much as you can to help us bring to life a new, longer, better, darker episode!


Very cool game concept. I really enjoyed it and look forward to future episodes!


Thanks for playing it Josiah!

If you wish to help us make future episodes, please spread the voice and tell your friends to try it :)